Lakes and Lune Water Board Reports

Article by Chris Butterfield

Lakes and Lune Water Board Annual Reports, 1963–1973.
By Alfred Wainwright (1963–1966).
Published by Lakes and Lune Water Board, Kendal.

Lakes and Lune Water Board Reports
Lakes and Lune Water Board Annual Reports, 1963–1973

The treasurer’s reports featuring Alfred Wainwright’s work were unique and served a specific purpose, distinct from his more famous Lakeland guidebooks. These reports, created at the behest of engineer and manager Lesley Broughton, were designed for a more specialised audience, primarily councillors and libraries, rather than the general public. This exclusivity means that the number of these reports printed and how many still exist today is uncertain.

Wainwright was tasked with producing drawings that detailed the primary water sources in the area, including reservoirs, chlorination and filtration plants, and booster stations. He undertook this project from 1963 until his retirement in 1967. His work for these reports included the technical drawings of water sources, a distinct district map, and other illustrations.

The district map, exclusive to these treasurer’s reports, showcased Wainwright’s skill in illustrating the Lakeland area. Additionally, his iconic Lakeland drawings graced both the cover and the interior of these reports. The maps found within these reports gained popularity for their educational value and were subsequently printed for use in local schools.

Detailed maps drawn by Wainwright are featured in every report

After Wainwright’s retirement, his successor, Percy Duff, continued producing these reports. However, the unique combination of utility and artistry in Wainwright’s contributions makes these specific reports stand out. Their limited distribution and specific audience have rendered them rare and potentially valuable items, particularly for collectors and enthusiasts of Wainwright’s work.

Percy Duff 1967
Percy Duff succeeded Wainwright as Borough Treasurer in 1967

The BBC TV program aired in the North East in December 1982, featuring Percy Duff discussing the detailed accounts of these unique treasurers’ reports, and played a significant role in bringing these rarities to the attention of Alfred Wainwright enthusiasts. This program likely served as a revelation for many fans and collectors who were previously unaware of these distinct works.

These reports are considered valuable and sought-after items for collectors and connoisseurs of Wainwright’s work. Their rarity and the unique blend of utility and artistry make them particularly appealing to those who appreciate Wainwright’s broader work.

Percy Duff’s kind acknowledgement of Wainwright’s outstanding work


Percy Duff photo courtesy of the Duff family.

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