Lakes and Lune Water Board Reports

Lakes and Lune Water Board Annual Reports, 1963–1973.
By Alfred Wainwright (1963–1966).
Published by Lakes and Lune Water Board, Kendal.

Lakes and Lune Water Board Reports
Lakes and Lune Water Board Annual Reports, 1963–1973

These reports were far from your typical Wainwright Lakeland books. Due to the nature of their content, they weren’t intended for the general public. They were only issued to councillors and libraries, so it is unknown how many reports were printed or how many still exist.

Engineer and manager Lesley Broughton had asked Wainwright to produce a drawing that covered the area’s primary water sources, including reservoirs, chlorination and filtration plants, and boosters. Wainwright produced the treasurer’s reports in this format from 1963 until 1967, when he retired. The new treasurer, Percy Duff, continued his work.

A beautiful district map appeared only in these reports; Wainwright’s Lakeland drawings were featured on the cover and within. The maps within proved extremely popular and were printed out for educational purposes in local schools.

Detailed maps drawn by Wainwright are featured in every report

These reports are an excellent example of Wainwright’s skills coming together as an accountant and artist. The reports span his later working life until he retired in 1967. Percy Duff took over as Borough Treasurer and announced Wainwright’s retirement in the report that year.

Percy Duff 1967
Percy Duff succeeded Wainwright as Borough Treasurer in 1967

Percy describes these accounts in great detail in the original BBC TV Programme, which aired in the North East in December of 1982. It was probably this programme that highlighted their existence to many Wainwright enthusiasts.

These rarities are collectors’ items for Wainwright connoisseurs. Unfortunately, I have not seen any for sale for some time, but they are worth picking up if they become available. The current value for a complete set is estimated at £500/£600, but their value could increase as time progresses.

Percy Duff’s kind acknowledgement of Wainwright’s outstanding work


Percy Duff photo courtesy of the Duff family.

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