A Second Lakeland Sketchbook

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A Second Lakeland Sketchbook was published in November 1970. Wainwright was well into his retirement but showed no signs of slowing down. He worked nine hours a day, seven days a week, on his drawing books. Wainwright married Betty this year, who acted as his chauffeur for many of his book projects. Life was good.

The General Printing and Book Publishing Manager at the Westmorland Gazette, Andrew Nichol, asked Wainwright how long it took him to complete a drawing. Andrew was astonished. Wainwright puffed on his pipe and replied, “About an hour, maybe two if there was lots of detail.”

Over the next few years, Wainwright would produce over 20 books, including his favourite, Kendal in the Nineteenth Century.

An order form came with Cumbria magazine in November 1970.
Back of the order Form.

First Edition is identified by:

  1. Red cloth case with gold blocking
  2. £1.05 21/- price on the dust jacket
  3. A Third Lakeland Sketchbook and Walks on the Howgill Fells listed as – In preparation
In preparation helps identify a First Edition.
A Second Lakeland Sketchbook First Edition without the Dust Jacket
A red clothbound case on its own does not necessarily identify a First Edition.
A Second Lakeland Sketchbook First Edition 21 Shillings
First Edition price.

The second print is physically identical to the First Edition in every way, including the In Preparation page. The only way you can tell them apart is the dust jacket price.

Could these two differently priced sketchbooks be from the same print run?
A signed First Edition.
Review copies were sent out to the press before publication.
The first review by Mr Brayshay, News Editor of the Evening Dispatch.
A Second Lakeland Sketchbook First Edition Gold Blocking
Original Westmorland Gazette spine gold blocking. The image is mirrored.
Dust jacket negative black.
Dust jacket negative colour.

During the early 1970s, the sketchbook cases were in many different colours and styles. The gold blocking was eventually removed from the front of the case. By 1980, all sketchbook cases were green until 2004, when Frances Lincoln reprinted the sketchbooks in their original colours.

A Second Lakeland Sketchbook First Edition Later Prints
An early 1980s print and Frances Lincoln’s 2004 publication.

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