The Website

This website is an online resource which will eventually contain a large amount of Wainwright’s book-related material that I have garnered over the years. I won’t necessarily focus on the book contents, as that is a subject in itself. I believe Wainwright’s writing is a personal journey of discovery, and each one of us interprets his work differently.

There are many publications of Wainwright’s story. Although tempting as it is to recreate Wainwright’s full story again here, it would detract from my original intention for the website.

My primary focus will be the book publishing and printing history. I have enough material to keep the website updated for years. This launch is just the beginning. There is a lot of work ahead, but it will be worth it.

When I started collecting the books it soon became obvious what a minefield it was. There are many variations of the same titles, alongside multiple editions. I will reveal all my findings on the website. This is an ongoing project and one that will take time to complete.

Will this work ever become definitive? Maybe in time. This is what I love about the research; the continuing discoveries keep me motivated.

In addition, I will be documenting my journey on a regular basis via the blog page. This will also include guest blogs from well known personalities in the Wainwright world. I hope this work will be of interest to both existing enthusiasts and new collectors alike.

Chris Butterfield