Behind the Scenes with Wainwright. SIGNED.

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    Almost from the day, Andrew Nichol accepted responsibility for the general printing and book publishing departments of the Westmorland Gazette, people have been asking him to write a book about his experiences with Alfred Wainwright. Despite his admiration for Wainwright and his writings and an insight into the ‘Great Fellwanderer’ that few can rival, this was not something he ever anticipated. In fact, prior to his death in January 1991, Wainwright had made it clear to him that he did not want anyone writing about him after his death.

    Since then, and for years after his passing, he has respected those wishes, only proceeding with this book in response to the many further requests for an authentic account of AW and events in which he was involved. The result is a fascinating, insightful and humorous record of events in the company of possibly the world’s most renowned Fellwanderer.

    Andrew Nichol has now kindly signed a limited number of copies.

    Publisher: Kirkland Books, United Kingdom

    Printer: Titus Wilson, Kendal

    Author: Andrew Nichol

    Binding: Paperback

    Condition: New

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