A Third Lakeland Sketchbook

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The 70s were now in full swing, and Wainwright was as busy as ever. Immediately after A Third Lakeland Sketchbook was published in December 1971, he began work on the next one in the series. As well as producing sketchbooks, he was finishing off his tenth guide; Walks on the Howgill Fells. Work also began on one of his biggest projects to date; a Coast to Coast walk across the North of England.

Cumbria magazine December 1971.

First Edition is identified by:

  1. Blue cloth case with gold blocking
  2. £1.05 price on the dust jacket
  3. Walks on the Howgill Fells and A Fourth Lakeland Sketchbook listed as – In preparation
‘In preparation’ helps identify a First Edition.
A blue clothbound case on its own does not necessarily identify a First Edition.
A First Edition price.
Signed First Edition.

Many sketches throughout the series were recycled and used in other books. One example is Dove Cottage which featured again in Westmorland Heritage, two years later.

A Westmorland Heritage Plaque featuring Dove Cottage.

In 2019, a considerable amount of time was spent sourcing all existing Wainwright book printing materials at Titus Wilson in Kendal. Fortunately, a full box of very old gold blocking dies were found in the cellar. They had been transferred from the Gazette to Titus Wilson in the late 1980s. Amongst them were multiple blocks for each of the sketchbooks and all mountain drawing books.

Original Westmorland Gazette spine gold blocking. The image is mirrored.
First Edition dust jacket negative.
An early 1980s print and Frances Lincoln’s 2004 publication.

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  • Graham Rivers says:

    Chris, I have a later green boarded reprint of A Third Lakeland Sketchbook that has the gold block titles of A Second Lakeland Sketchbook printed on them. I believe that such errors are found reasonably frequently on these Westmorland Gazette publications. After all, compared to the major publishers they were quite a small publishing operation dealing with relatively short production runs, and couldn’t spare lots of people to error check before books went out.

    • Chris says:

      Nice acquisition Graham. Yeah, the books had a plethora of printing errors. Some with incorrect gold blocking, pages missing, blank pages, double pages etc. Lots of customers returned them to the W.G. unaware they would become more valuable in the years to come. I am glad you kept hold of yours.

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