The Drawing That Made History

The natural barrier between Thirlmere and Ullswater contains one of the finest mountains in the whole of Lakeland, Helvellyn. Its allure seems to cast a spell on every would-be Lakeland traveller. The young Alfred Wainwright was no exception, and he too fell victim to the mountain’s call… In the summer of 1930, the 23-year-old Wainwright took a week’s holiday with...

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Remembering Alfred Wainwright

A nostalgic day following in Wainwright’s footsteps, with Richard Else THWACK! Wainwright was suddenly thrown forward, almost dropping his freshly lit tobacco pipe as the vehicle came to an abrupt stop. “Oops” blurted Eric nervously, while checking to see if Wainwright was okay. “I think the tracks are broken, so we will have to navigate the rest of this bog...

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One of a Kind Guidebook

The story of a unique Wainwright Pictorial Guide I initially started collecting the Wainwright guidebooks about four years ago and it has been a fascinating voyage of discovery. I have been intrigued by all the different variations and editions, and the changes that have taken place throughout the guidebook’ printing history. My collection has now reached over two thousand books,...

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