Into the Wainwright Cave

Interview by Tony Greenbank Chris Butterfield quizzes me as if he, not I, was Cumbria’s interviewer, after activating his smartphone recorder in the Borrowdale Hotel lounge. “So you, Tony Greenbank, were an assistant in Kendal library in the 1950s and actually stamped Alfred Wainwright’s library books?” he says, pointing his coffee cup at me. “Incredible! And you once fined him...

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Ron Hill and Alfred Wainwright

Guest post by David Pitt In 2015 a friend in Bampton who was a volunteer driver for our village car scheme rang me and said that whilst taking a long-time valley resident, Ron Hill, to Carlisle hospital he was told that Ron had known Alfred Wainwright many years earlier and had been on walks with him. Fascinated I eventually persuaded...

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